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Terezínská Iniciativa - Terezín Initiative

The Terezín Initiative is an Association of former Czech inmates of the Ghettos Terezín and Łódź, and their descendants. Currently, the Terezín Initiative has approximately 600 members in the Czech Republic and about 100 members living abroad.

The TI advocates responsible remembrance of the victims of the Shoa. The TI has established the Terezín Initiative Institute with its mission to research and document the history of the Terezín Ghetto.

The TI strives to contribute to the education of a new generation of Europeans towards tolerance and against racism, anti-Semitism, and xenophobia. Its members serve as witnesses to history, participating in talks and lectures in schools, both at home and abroad, as well as taking part in other related projects. The TI grants financial support to school excursions to the Terezín Memorial, dispensing funds provided by the  Fund for Holocaust Victims (Nadační fond obětem holocaustu), the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic (Ministerstvo školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy České Republiky) and the Claims Conference.

The TI systematically addresses the social needs of the Shoa survivors in the Czech Republic. It organizes the distribution of financial grants from the Claims Conference to survivors, particularly to complement medical care, provide home care, and to assist with emergency aid.

Several times per year, the TI publishes its newsletter Terezínská iniciativa (in Czech), which has been available on this website since issue number 16 (November 1999).

Apart from aforementioned grants with strictly defined terms of use, voluntary donations of TI's members are the only source from which it finances all its activities. In this respect, the TI was blessed by a large legacy from a childless former Terezín prisoner, who after the war had worked for the WHO.

The TI is headed by a Board of directors, which is being elected at the annual assembly. The board elects a chairperson. Currently, Dagmar Lieblová PhD holds this position.

For Schools: Further information about excursions to Terezín and conditions for financial support may be found on the page of the  Terezín Memorial.

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