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Terezín Initiative Institute

Institut Terezínské iniciativy

Terezín Initiative Institute is a non-profit organization which came to existence through transformation from Terezín Initiative Foundation (Nadace Terezínská iniciativa) founded in 1993 by international association of former prisoners of Terezín ghetto, Terezín Initiative.

The aim of the Institute is to support and pursue research of history of the final solution in Bohemia and Moravia and history of Terezín ghetto and to present its results to broader public. The Institute, just as well as other organizations, wants to make Terezín a place of encounter and disscusions between people of different generations, nationalities, political, philosophical and religious beliefes.

Several projects serve to fulfill this goal. The Institute publishes Czech and German version of its scientific yearbook Terezín Studies and Documents. The Institute considers as its duty to record names and fates of all former Jewish Terezín prisoners and other Czech Jews persecuted during the Nazi occupation of Bohemia and Moravia. The data is stored in the database of Terezín prisoners and results of this research are being published in the edition of Terezín Memorial Books. The Institute organizes a library focused on the Holocaust, antisemitism and fascism. Currently a new project Teresiania, which is intended to concentrate and to publish a wide file of documents to the history of Terezín ghetto, has been started.

From 2002 the Institute researches in the framework of the project Seeking a Refuge the fates of the Jewish refugees into and from Czech Lands from 1933 through 1945.

In cooperation with the  Terezín Memorial the Institute organizes scientific conferences with participation of Czech and foreign researchers focused on history of the final solution of the Jewish question and specific role of Terezín ghetto.

The Institute participates in efforts of  Terezín Memorial to prepare a new exposition in the Ghetto Museum in Terezín, and sponsors restauration of paintings and other artistic objects created by Terezín prisoners.

The Institute's priority is to influence Czech educational system in order to bring knowledge about history of antisemitism and the final solution to pupils and students of all types of Czech schools.

The Institute established contacts with a number of organisations abroad with similar orientation, for example in Israel, USA, Germany and Austria, and cooperates with them in its projects, above all in efforts to create as complete documentation of names and fates of Terezín prisoners as possible.

The activities of the Institute are from larger part sponsored by Federal Republic of Germany through its Prague ambassy. A supplementing financial source are revenues from sale of published books and financial donations form Czech and foreign sponsors.


Jáchymova 3

110 00 Praha 1

Czech Republic

+420/2/22 31 92 12

Members of the Board of Directors:

PhDr. Lenka Matušíková, chairperson

PhDr. Zlatuše Kukánová, vice-chairperson

prof. MUDr. Tomáš Radil, DrSc.

PhDr. Jiří Šitler.

PhDr. Zlatica Zudová-Lešková, CSc.

Mgr. Daniel Herman

Members of the Supervisory Board:

Ing. Lenka Borgesová

JUDr. Helena Petrův, PhD.

Ing. Zdeněk Pošusta

Mgr. Tereza Štěpková,

Poslední změna: 18. 1. 2013