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New books in the library

Ben - Sasson, Havi; Dunkelblum - Steiner, Shlomit
Details: /Izrael/, IL 2004
Call number: 5167
Douer, Alisa
Details: Wien, AT 2001
Call number: 5166
Allen, Martin
Details: Stegen am Ammersee, DE 2005
Call number: 5165
Details: Essen, DE 2006
Call number: 5164
Budil, Ivo; Charvát, Petr
Details: Plzeò, CZ 2004
Call number: 5162
Ungar, Hermann
Details: Prague, CZ 2006
Call number: 5161
Details: Mohelnice, CZ 2005
Call number: 5160
Details: Berlin, DE /1999/
Call number: 5159
Details: Frankfurt am Main, DE 2006
Call number: 5158
Heinemann, Isabel; Wagner, Patrick
Details: Stuttgart, DE 2006
Call number: 5157
Ackerl, Isabella; Schödl, Ingeborg
Details: Wien, AT 2005
Call number: 5156
Höhne, Steffen; Ohme, Andreas
Details: München, DE 2005
Call number: 5155
Botsch, Gideon
Details: Paderborn, DE 2006
Call number: 5154
Altenstrasser, Christina
Details: München, DE 2005
Call number: 5153
Kunz, Andreas
Details: München, DE 2005
Call number: 5152
Hahn, Hans - Joachim
Details: Heidelberg, DE 2005
Call number: 5151
Gruenbaum, Thelma
Details: London, GB 2005
Call number: 5150
Rathenow, Hans - Fred; Weber, Norbert H.
Details: Hamburg, DE 2005
Call number: 5149
Details: Dachau, DE 2005
Call number: 5148
Garbe, Detlef; Lange, Carmen
Details: Bremen, DE 2005
Call number: 5147